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Beautiful and high quality fabric put-ups. Great for all of your DIY projects!
Animal Prints Put-ups Burlap Fabric Rolls
Choose from a variety of leopard print or zebra animal print fabric put - ups!
Natural brown burlap fabric rolls for your wedding!
Chiffon Fabric Put-ups Damask Flocking Put-ups
Chiffon fabric bolts in various sizes and colors!
Flocking damask fabric in 12 inch wide and 54 inch wide bolts.
Nonwoven Fabric Rolls Lace Fabric Bolts
Non-woven fabric rolls for your decorating projects!
Lace fabric bolts for your wedding!
Organza Fabric Bolts Polyester Fabric Bolts
Choose from large organza or glittered organza fabric bolts!
Polyester fabric bolts and polyester textured slub fabric put-ups for your DIY craft projects!
Raised Ribbon 3D Fabric Bolts Satin Fabric Put-ups
A variety of satin ribbon roses fabric bolts!
Satin fabric rolls in various sizes and colors.
Sequined Fabric Bolts Taffeta Crinkle Put-ups
Sequined fabric bolts in various styles, sizes and colors!
Taffeta crinkle bolts in various sizes and colors.
Tulle Put-ups
Tulle fabric rolls, including stardust glitter netting tulle or wedding tulle in a variety of sizes.